Loved Ones In Heaven

When times are tough on earth, or things happened that a deceased loved one would not like sometimes people will say, “they must be rolling over in their grave,” but are they?

Do our loved ones in Spirit still react to the day to day set-backs and frustrations that challenge us?

The answer is yes and no. They are aware and empathetic to the challenges we are going through. But they are also in a higher vibrating state where they can see why we are being challenged and the growth we will get from it. They’ve transitioned to a different realm, and are different and more aware themselves.

Let me share some of the situations:

An in-laws whose father passed said, “Man! I can’t even imagine how mad he is about this (family situation) in Spirit!”

A dear friend asked, “Do you think my mom is upset about the people who didn’t come to his funeral? Even after she was always there for them?”

A question was sent to me stating, I had a friend who was never able to follow through with gender reassignment surgery. Is he comfortable with his gender in Heaven?”

A comment from a client, “I’m surprised mom didn’t have more to say about all that has happened with her children since her death.”

Many questions about children who have passed, “Is my child growing up in Heaven?”

So know right up front all these people are in soul form now. The soul is energy. It is not born therefor it cannot die. Hence the popular phrase, “We are a soul having a human experience. Our soul is a little piece of the Divine, here to experience this life and its lessons.

As humans our body limits us to the confinements of being in the physical world. Though Spirit will present themselves to a Medium with the body and physical characterizes. This is solely to be in a form recognizable to those they left behind. This body never leaves the earth plain as the soul rises up and moves to Heaven.

After many years of giving evidentiary readings I can say without a doubt upon death the soul becomes enlightened. My understanding from the souls I have talked to is this enlightenment carries with it compassion for us without sadness that usually goes with it while earthbound. We are enlightened to what our life purpose was, how our actions affected others and why certain situations developed.

Is your dad super ticked-off that the daughter he fought to include in the family is now shunned by the family?

He is certainly aware of the situation and the struggle his shunned daughter is going through, but he also sees the lessons all involved are learning.

Is your mom hurt that someone didn’t show up to her funeral?

No. She is now aware of the spiritual struggle that the people who didn’t show up are going through. She is much more likely to have compassion for that person than to be offended.

Is my friend male or female in Heaven?

Because the soul has no gender your friend is neither. In a reading you friend, for recognition, would present as male but most likely tell you the high heels in Heaven are amazing to let you know he, is now she at peace.

Is my child growing up in Heaven?

A child who passes does not physically grow in heaven, as, again, there is no body. But the soul is always growing and learning. Some time ago I did a reading for a woman who had been pregnant with twins. One twin passes before birth. As I relayed the most amazing impressions of what would seem to us to be a fetus, it was very clear she was far from it. Ultimately, I stated to the mother, “Your daughter is clearly the smartest person in the room due to her vantage point from Heaven as a soul.”

When you book a reading with a medium, the intent and purpose of the session is to receive validations that your loved one has survived the change we call death and is still aware of your life. These validations prove the survival of the Soul beyond the death and release of a physical body that is no longer needed.