Sometimes active healing is just getting up in the morning...

Sometimes active healing is just getting up in the morning…

We have all been there: A death, a break up, a collapse of our finances, job loss, end of a close friendship etc. We can’t eat, think, or sleep and we don’t care if: she is in a better place, there are more fish in the sea or we will make it all back. The main thing we are grossly aware of is our pain.

We have advanced ourselves to a point where we have so much at our fingers at a moment’s notice. But the human condition has proven to be immune to this and each person’s condition is just as unique as they are. As much of your life other people will see there are thousands of private intimate details they will not. Loss can’t be taken at face value. It has subtleties and nuances that take time to process. If you are at one of these points – take your time- *your time.* Sometimes active healing is just getting up in the morning. And if that is where you are at, honor it.

Allow yourself to go through the 5 phases of grief (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance). Don’t compare yourself or buy into deadlines. Allow every thought and feeling. There will come a day when the sobs turn into a tilt of the head, drop of the eyes and a slight shake of no. And when you get there your understanding of yourself and everything around you will have deepened for the better.

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