Can I talk to pets who have passed?...

Can I talk to pets who have passed?....

Yes! I have “talked” to cats and dogs. From what I have seen cats and dogs generally pass and then fall right back into the same routine they had when they were living *especially* if you have other pets. For example if you feed all the pets at the same time every night the crossed over pet will come running and sit in the kitchen too, go outside when the others are told to, sleep by you where they had while here etc. The only inhibitor to reading pets is they are only capable of giving the same type of impressions in Spirit as they could have comprehended here- they don’t give me anything numerical or with letters it is all impressions such as show me a favorite toy or the door they use to use to go outside. I recently had a cat give me an impression of a pair of high heels with one high heel standing and one on its side. The owner confirmed that she had in fact kicked a pair of high heels off by her front door and one was standing and one was lying on its side. This is how the cat was able to prove he was still around and knew what was going on.

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