But I'm An Atheist!?

Most of us do not go around calling what we wipe our nose with “facial tissue.” Even though that is its real name, we call it Kleenex which is actually a brand. I realized years ago that the same is true of the words we use to describe people and things not of Earth. We use God, Spirit, Soul, Guides, Heaven, Higher Self, Prayer etc. But in order for those things to be named they had to be here – meaning, unlike Kleenex the people who named what they were experiencing did not create those things. So I also realized that what is being experienced is actually nature. We don’t really think of the cosmos as nature but they are. One day I found myself in the ER short of breath due to my heart racing a young, male technician hooked me up to a heart monitor. A few moments after he left an older gentleman who had passed entered my room. I didn’t think much of it because I was in an ER and the odds were high people passed here. Eventually, as I was gazing out at the desks where the staff continuously congregated and dispersed, the older gentleman literally began to do a soft-shoe dance around the young technician. I asked the older gentlemen what his message was, he gave me the word Greek and a woman’s name.

When the young technician returned I told him there was an older gentleman who wanted to talk to him. I told him he said to bring up Greeks and told him the name of the woman he gave me. It turned out to be his grandpa and the woman’s name was his mother’s name. He said that under his scrubs were many tattoos of Greek Mythological figures because he loved Greek mythology. While he was saying that, grandpa said there was one tattoo that was not Greek mythology and showed me where it was. I touched the technicians chest and said, “He says you have one here that is not of Greek Mythology.” Quite shocked, he pulled his collar down and said, “That is correct, this one is my family crest.” He then said, “I think I’m going to have to re-think things- I’m Atheist!” I explained what I said above, just because someone names something and that is the terms we use or its common name doesn’t mean that is what it is or that it belongs to them. No one is barred from messages or the healing energy of Spirit.

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