That’s a good Question!.....

That’s a good Question!.....

Most of us are juggling our lives 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Every now and then life throws us something at a time when we’re thought out, we’re fix it out and we’re figure it out- out and we just want someone to tell us the best approach to a life situation. So though I won’t tell you what you hope for if that is not what I see. I will tell you where your current actions are leading you to. The key to a good reading is giving me a question that leads to an answer that I must explain or describe. The key to setting me up to do this is a good question!

Good questions are any that would not allow yes/no answers. In my experience, “What” is definitely the star player for beginning a question. Let’s say that you have been stressed about money. Which of the following questions is going to give you more details: “Will I win the lottery this time” or “What can I do to increase my income?” Correct, the second one, because there will be things specific to you and your situation that I can explain to you. More examples:

“Will he marry me vs. “What holds him back from asking me to marry him?” “Am I good enough for the promotion?” Vs. “What do I need to do to get a promotion?”

When you sit down to write out your questions to me, at first write whatever comes to mind. Then take a moment to go back and rephrase any questions that would get a yes/no answer. To many yes/no questions are the number one cause of leaving a reading feeling just as lost as when you came.

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