Needing a Sense of Direction...

Needing a Sense of Direction…

Recently I received the sweetest text from someone I had done a reading for some months back thanking me so much for changing her life and telling me how much better things are now. But the truth is *she* changed her life. Psychic readings are meant to be a compass not Siri. A good psychic reading should end with you feeling clearer about the choices that are open to you and the direction you need to take to create the life that you want. But, you are not here on Earth to kick back and learn nothing. A reading is really energetic therapy. Once you get that information you must be your own Siri and use your free will to navigate the day to day details of your growth. When someone is completely off their path energetically they look to me like they have a dense grey mist completely surrounding their head from the neck up. I can lift that fog and make it overcast but you are the sun that burns it off completely. And in doing so you are the one that gets the glory for the achievement!

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