Signs From Loved Ones

Upon my aunt Sharon’s death in 2015 it quickly became apparent to me that her sign to me was going to be hearts. During my initial grieving I did not want to let anything go that she had used or touched. My garage became filled with many items that I could not use and that were only collecting dust. After moving through my grief I knew I needed to let her belongings go. Though it filled me with much guilt for six weeks I sorted and re-packed boxes and put a weekly donation out. On the 6th week, as I was walking back to the garage to get the last item I began to dialogue with her. I told her I hoped she not only understood but was o.k. with my decision to clear out the unused items. As I was walking toward the items staged in the driveway with the last box I saw something glimmering on a set of plastic drawers. The impossibility of anything be on the outer edge of these drawers since they had been moved from the back of the garage, to the side, to the driveway was outstanding. When I reached the drawers I realized it was a little silver heart that no one in the family had ever seen. I was filled with joy of her blessing me to let go of her belongings I would not use.

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