Preparing for a Psychic reading

 The Power Of Your Questions for psychic readings

     For psychically oriented matters I can't stress enough the importance you must place on phrasing your questions. Regardless of the type of intuitive you choose from a Tarot reader to a Medium the more direct the question the more direct and effective the answer. When you are dealing with intuitives such as myself everything you say is being processed, especially phrases that are questions- even if they aren't your main question- they are still being processed and interpreted as this is simply how the intuitive mind works. This is why strong intuitives ask for no back story and direct questions only. For example if you contact an intuitive and you say the following:

            "I'm having a lot of trouble in my life right now. My boyfriend just left me, my cat may be ill and my best friend said, "It's all your fault." Who would do that? What I want to know is what is the next best step for me to take in my life?"


     Every sentence leads the intuitive in a direction and they will see your troubles, your boyfriend, your cat and your best friend. This would be known as "feeding the psychic." My abilities are not restricted to the person I am talking to so it is not uncommon if another person or name is mentioned in a reading that I will get a message for them or someone associated with them that my client does not even know. When you ask in passing, "Who would do that." I will get an actual answer. Remaining aware of your goals for your reading is important. Giving back story and presenting your situation is the least effective way to ask a question. Start with a direct question, allow me to answer and then validate or fill in details. 

     I do not give psychic readings to predict someone's future as the time we spend is a snap shot of a moment in time. It is meant to either reassure you that you are on the path you want to be on or pinpoint what is negatively affecting the outcome you desire so you can make changes. ​


Psychic Phone Readings:

     Make sure you have your question clearly thought-out in advance of our session. You may record the reading but taking notes is a better guarantee of keeping a record of what you want to remember due to the affect the energy I am connecting with has on electronics. Be open to hearing what your guide(s) feel is the most import information for you to have. Be relaxed. Spirit does not want to embarrass you or cause you any fear. Your spirit guides and angels want to help you and want you to know that they are near you. This isn't "fortune telling." Your guides aren't going to tell you which numbers to pick for the lottery. They want to provide insight on what is happening in your life and guidance for growth. Things that don't make sense at the time of your reading tend to make sense later, so keep your notes in a safe place. 


     Please note with Psychic Readings things can lead anywhere... and not necessarily in the direction the client expects. It is not uncommon for a psychic reading to partially turn into a mediumship reading when a passed loved one wants to make known their concerns or suggestions for the subject being discussed.