I am happy to work with law enforcement and families on missing persons or cold  cases. In a traditional Mediumistic reading the client accepts that I will deliver messages from which ever family member comes through. Because this type of reading requires me to be in tune with a specific person before you book time with me you or the Investigator of the case must contact me via my Facebook Messenger Page (https://www.facebook.com/spiritguidesandanswers/). The initial contact will simply be to vet me as a possible tool in the investigation. I will relay what I see which can range from what the victim looked like, names, numbers, personality traits or characteristics, memories or possessions of the victim or things I see at the  scene of the crime. This initial contact has to occur to make sure I am ‘tuning' into the right person and to give the Officer/Agent confidence my abilities would be an asset to their case. This initial contact must be done IN WRITING and any subsequent questions to me regarding the case must be done in writing using the same Messenger string that was started with the initial consult. When I am receiving information I use both my abilities and all resources available to show the clients exactly what I am seeing.  Below are examples of this from various types of past readings. I may draw pictures myself or Google items that I am unfamiliar with such as a breed of dog or make of a car and sending those to the client so I am sure they understand exactly what I am seeing. Because of the Google element it is most efficient to do these types of reading via Facebook Messenger where I am able to record what I am seeing and quickly use Google (Clients often send me photos of things I have described this validation is extremely helpful to me): 




This is an example where I did a drawing. During the session the deceased had shown me a shotgun. He returned after the session and wanted to clarify a unique detail of the gun. I forwarded a drawing of the new detail to the family. They sent back a picture of the gun I drew which had been a gift to the deceased from his father.           








In this example I drew the client a picture of the swags and ropes I was seeing.  The client explained that she had been going through the process with the city to install aerial yoga in her business. 











I was being shown a particular stair railing by the diseased. I sent the Google image on the left for clarity of exactly the railing I was seeing and a description which states, "She (the deceased) is showing me an indoor spindle railing that looks like it is at the top of stairs- it is all brown." The picture on the right was sent back for confirmation. 













This is a good example where a Google image can be so important. I was seeing flowers which have a huge range. I sent the Google image on the left of exactly what I was seeing, the client returned the image on the right. 








I am only able to work with the family member(s) that is/are directly involved in the case or the Investigator. When you contact me via my Facebook Messenger I will need the following: 

1) Identify who you are in the case: Investigator or Immediate family member.

2) The Victims first name OR the case number or a portion of it. 


I do not claim to be 100% accurate in my interpretations.  Nor do I claim to be able to work on all cases with an equal degree of effectiveness. 


Payment: As stated above the initial contact to establish if I can tune in or not is free. If I am able to tune in and you choose to use my services the in person and phone rates are the same as any other reading. I charge my hourly "home visit" rate to travel to locations outside of Fallbrook, Ca*. If there is a reward posted for your case and I am deemed the recipient of that full reward all of the fees you were charged for my services related to your case will be refunded to you.