Preparing for a mediumistic reading

    You should always have something in mind that you’re hoping to get out of our session. I can not go anywhere that I am not welcome so the client and the person who passed are just as important to the reading as my ability to receive the information. If you have any beliefs or backgrounds that you have to resist to get a reading it is best that you don't. It will affect your reading and I will be able to tell that something is holding you back which in turn holds the information back. If you know the diseased was against Mediumship this is another risk you are taking. Though it is true that people can and do change upon reaching the other side it is not a given that they will now decide to talk through a Medium. On occasion a Mediumistic reading gets scheduled by someone who “just wanted to see what it would be like.” These sessions turn out poorly as well, as there is no real intention or desire behind trying to connect with the Spirit world.


    I do not require anything physical to connect with Spirit. I always offer your friends and loved ones an opportunity to connect with me before our scheduled time. It is not uncommon for them to begin talking to me as soon as I retrieve the booking sheet from my printer.  I always share my pre-session notes with you first. If you recognize who they are referring to right away and you want to talk to that person then we continue with them. If you want to talk to someone else then I will ask for that persons first name and give them an opportunity to communicate. I make an impression list for each person that comes up so you can relax and listen to the information being given. At the end of the session you will have an opportunity to take pictures of the impression lists for further review later or for any follow up questions to me. Though I cannot guarantee that who you want to come through, or that anyone will come through, but who does come through is meant to heal and put you at peace.     


    Wait to assess what makes sense and what does not until after our session. While I do encourage skepticism, to get the best reading possible you need to set any doubts aside for our session and reassess afterwards. The longer I am able to stay with an impression the more I generally get. If as I am receiving a new impression the client is debating a previous impression it stops the new information coming in which limits the total amount of impressions for the reading. Some things that don't make sense may make sense later and some things I say may never make sense. It is best to assess which is which after the session.



     Trust what you feel is right or wrong from a reading. Just like any other profession, there is never going to be a physic or medium in the world who is going to be 100% correct. Some things take time to recognize from a reading some never will be. A good example I like to give is from an actual reading: I kept hearing what sounded like a name Ray-Rob. The client had no idea who that would be, I wrote it down and continued. A few impressions later I saw a train going West. The client immediately said the grandfather we were talking to, worked on the rail-road.  We then realized Ray-Rob was the deceased first attempt and getting me to say rail-road. When it didn’t work he then used a train.