About Me

 I was born in San Diego, California. Though I have been aware of my psychic medium abilities since childhood, the environment was not conducive to using or discussing them.

Once out on my own I was heavily involved in giving psychic readings to friends and family. I was aware that I was a psychic medium but it was not the focus during this time. 

After marriage and the birth of my first daughter my abilities were put on an eleven month hold as I focused on my new role as wife of a travelling husband and new mother.

Due to a work transfer to Albuquerque, New Mexico for my husband and his continued traveling I found myself in another state and only responsible for myself and my 11 month old daughter. Without the daily responsibilities of being a wife and isolated from extended family my mediumistic abilities crashed in and came to the forefront. My readings drastically changed as the Spirit world seemed just as eager to contact me as I was to deliver the messages I received. 

I returned to California ready to establish myself in my new community as a psychic medium. Within two months of arriving I was taken down a different path as my beloved aunt Sharon was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. For three years I was immersed in her fight, her death and my grief. 

Currently, I live in Fallbrook, California with my three daughters and my husband. I am excited to help guide and heal you as you go through your own journey using all my abilities.